Yamaha Outboard Anode 6AW-45251-00 Replacement

Yamaha Outboard Anode 6AW-45251-00 Replacement

 Four Stroke: VF150X, F150L, F150X, VF175X, F175L, F175X, F200F, FL200G, F200G, F200L, F200X, F300A, FL300A, F350N, F350U, F350X, LF350X, LF350U, FL350A, XF375N, XF425N

  *This part replaces part #: TEN01112-1

Anode Material: Aluminium (Yamaha OEM anodes are made from aluminium)

This is a non OEM part CM6AW4525100A

*Please Note To Check Your Parts Manual To Ensure Parts Are Correct

*May fit other engines not listed