Honda Outboard 41109-ZW1-B00 Anode Replacement

Honda Outboard Anode 41109-ZW1-B00 Replacement

 Suits Honda Engines

BF115AX, BF115A1, BF115A2, BF115A3, BF130AX, BF130A1, BF130A2, BF130A3, BF60A, BF60AK1, BF115D, BF200A3, BF200A2, BF200A6, BF200D, BF200AK1,BF200AK3, BF200AK2, BF115DK1, BF175AK1, BF175A6, BF175A3, BF175AK3, BF175AK2, BF175D, BF225A3, BF225A2, BF225A6, BF225D, BF225A5, BF225AK1, BF225AK2, BF225AK3, BF250A, BF250D, BFP60A, BF90DK0, BF75DK0, BF135AK2, BF135A4, BF75DK2, BF90DK2, BF90DK3, BF75DK4, BF75DK3, BF90DK4, BF100AK1, BF80AK1, BF80A, BF100A, BF75A2, BF90A2, BF90A3, BF75A3, BF75A2, BF90AV, BF75AV, BF75AX, BF90AX, BF90A1, BF75A1 

Anode Material: Aluminium

This is a non OEM part CM41109ZW1B00A

*Please Note To Check Your Parts Manual To Ensure Parts Are Correct

*May fit other engines not listed